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Somali government launches an Aviation School

Somali School for Aviation has being re-launched after more than 20 years of absence. The ceremony of the launch was organized by the Minister of Information, Post and Telecommunication Mr C/laahi Ciilmooge Xirsi. The school  will offer up to 12 courses including aeronautical, aviation security, air traffic controller, among many others. This step is welcomed by many people and the school is expected to start operation in two months time when suitable candidates are being selected to take up the […]

Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport

Latest video from Aden Adde International Airport showcasing the daily activities of the airport.

Hargeisa Airport

Hargeisa airport started servicing and welcoming new airlines, Ethiopian Airlines are the first to fly into Hargeisa Egal International Airport in Somaliland after months of airport renovation and terminal enhancement.


On 15th of September 2013, Turkish company FAVORI took over the management of Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport. Favori will be managing everything from ground handling, passenger services, cargo, fuel to security, as well as general airport maintenance. This is a great opportunity for FAVORI to enhance the image of Somalia’s main airport, as well as raising the reputation of the Turkish company’s engagement with Somalia and Somalis. Congratulations to FAVORI, and welcome to Somalia.

Somali Airlines coming soon

With the latest news indicating that Somali Airlines will be re-launched within few months, the new selected time is the new year, but such news is welcomed by all Somalis everywhere. The White Star Service is once again expected to be in the skies of the world soon.

Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport

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