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Somali Airlines


Somali government is in the final stages of re-launching the much anticipated Somali Airlines. The Minister in charge of this operation has agreed with Slovakia based company, SAMAIR to provide a Boeing 737-400, with other aircrafts currently being sought from other companies.

The Technical specification for B737-400:

Maximum number of passengers 165
Length 36.45 m 119 ft
Wingspan 28.88 m 94 ft
Height 11.13 m 36 ft
Engine CFM56-3C-1 
Maximum cruising speed Mach 0.82 
Ceiling 11 300 m 
Maximum range (with 165 passengers) 3 500 km 1900 NM
Maximum Take-off Weight 68 038 kg 
Maximum Landing Weight 56 245 kg 

This is the airline that had being obtained by the Somali government.


And is now undergoing branding with the original Somali Airlines logo and slogan