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Bosaso Airport Upgrade

Somalia: Bossaso airport upgrade to boost Puntland aviation sector
3 Oct 3, 2013 – 9:50:27 AM

GAROWE, Somalia Oct.3, 2013 (Garowe Online) –Twenty international companies are competing for Bossaso airport runway bid and the tender winner is expected to upgrade and bitumen in conformity with code 4C operations requirements, the existing runway from 1800m to 2650m, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland government in northern Somalia says, the project went through various stages to boost the region’s aviation sector which was neglected by the former Somali central governments.

The development phase sent many citizens in Puntland into celebration as the demand for aviation in Puntland has been increasing in both the number of passengers and the volume of cargo and the current regular flights to Puntland are unlikely safe due to the poor safety of aircrafts and lack of aviation safety facilities at major airports.

In view of these circumstances, the current government requested to Italy for continued assistance in supporting aviation infrastructure upgrades.

Enormous efforts

The President of Somalia’s Puntland government Abdirahman Mohamed Farole has taken extensive efforts to gain any possible donation for the construction of Bossaso airport runway which was not even neared completion by the former Puntland administration of Gen. Mohamud Musse Hirsi (Adde Musse) according to government officials.

The government spent its budget on the erection of Bossaso airport terminal during the first two years of Farole administration.

“The Italian government was undertaking a number of projects including the construction of ports, airports and roads in Somalia’s northeastern regions [Puntland] when the country’s central government collapsed in 1991, so that Puntland government later discussed the continuation of that projects with Italy,” Puntland Finance Minister, Mr. Farah Ali Jama told Garowe Online News Agency.

Mr. Jama said that, following an agreement signed in Galkayo in August 2009 by former TFG Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke and Puntland government, in accordance with the points of the agreement Puntland attempted to independently talk to Italy about the rejuvenation of the flagship projects. However, the minister cited that the efforts failed after TFG government led by President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed sabotaged all possible steps taken by Puntland.

“After those efforts failed, in mid-2011 President Farole met Italy ambassador to Kenya in Nairobi and the President stressed the need for Italian government to resume its suspended operations in Puntland, “remarked Jama.

According to the Finance Minister, a delegation led by President Farole who was also accompanied by Federal Member of Parliament Abdirizak Osman Hassan (Jurile) went on trip to Roma where Italy pledged undisclosed amount of financial aid to enhance Puntland aviation sector.

Swift changes

In his interview with Garowe Online, Mr. Farah Ali Jama unveiled that Bossaso airport will host regular flights during the construction process, “A temporary spot was prepared for all daily and weekly flights,” he said.

Abdisamad Yusuf Mohamed (Abwan) who served as Commerce Minister in Adde Musse government expressed his hope about the anticipated outcomes when the airport project is completed.

“I appreciate Farole administration for its effort of upgrading Bossaso airport runway; surely it will boost the economy,” he told GO.

Undoubtedly, the project would bring swift changes in Puntland aviation sector and flights can operate with ease but future may hold limitations if the current leadership is changed in the upcoming presidential elections that is slated for January 2014, according to political analysts.